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Top 10 Classy Nail Designs With Jewels

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Looking for nail designs with jewels? Obviously, just getting dressed up, nice purse, nice shoes, feet, and hands are not enough. You have to take care of many other things along them. Just like taking care of nails, applying the nail color. Applying the nail color is too much easy, but is it? No, because applying nail paint is not as easy as it looks. It depends on which color we should apply to which type of complexion.

Self-care is the most important part of any beauty routine and there’s no better way to convey the message that you take care of yourself with diamond nails. Diamond nails seem too expensive, so we can use artificial diamonds, beads, and pearls.

Diamond nails have been growing speedily in popularity due to the classy shine and sparkle that they add to basic nail designs. You can try different colors, shapes, or sizes of diamonds. Don’t feel limited. You can be creative yourself and can create these designs yourself.

There can be many shapes of nails like round, square, oval-like, and peak nails.

10 Classy Nail Designs With Jewels

There is 10 classy nail designs with jewels that would make you more stylish.

1. Classy transparent nails

Creating classy transparent nails with jewels can create a stylish look in you. It shows the uniqueness. There can be many designs for it.

Apply the transparent nail paint on nails. Color the starting layer with white paint and start sticking small little pearls of your favorite color anywhere you want. Or you can try some designs on a single finger through any color.

2. Natural shade nails

Applying nail paint of natural color on your nails can make you look so simple and stylish. Apply light pink natural shade. Apply some glitters on it. These easy nails supporting a natural shade of pink that is widely accepted for professional and formal events.

3. Pink blossom nails

If you are some kinda pink blossomy girl, apply some pink nail paint leaving behind one finger. Apply light pink color nail paint on one finger. Make a blossom pattern there and apply some beads there also. It would give you so girly and cute look.

4. Shimmery nails

Nail designs with jewels are not necessary for a classy look. You can give simply shimmery look to your nails. Apply the nail paint that is matching your dress. Stick some glitters on it also. You can fill one finger according to your wish to make it some more creative.

5. Black & white nails

Why we should get stick to a single color. Let’s go back to the old black and white version. Let’s do try something new. Apply black nail paint skipping one finger. Make others transparent. Make it full of shimmer to make them pretty and cool. The way the white shines against the darkness gives off an awesome radiance that is rarely achieved otherwise.

6. Maroon almond nails

Nail Designs With Jewels

Why not some maroon nails with something unique? Apply maroon nail paint. Stick a sticker to the one nail. Make it glossy and classy.

7. Black with silver swirls

Nail Designs With Jewels

Black is beauty and everyone’s favorite. This is for fair complexion hands. Also, silver swirls enhance its beauty to the peak limit.

8. Candy nails

Nail Designs With Jewels

These sharp, shiny nails are eye-catching in their own right. Some candy dots make your mouth filled with water by giving some sweet look of candies.

9. Warm pallet nails

Nail Designs With Jewels

With its pretty warm pallet of colors, these nails will suit any skin tone that has equally warm undertones. Although these colors themselves will add a subtle glow to your fingers, the incorporation of a line of diamonds along the accent nail adds that perfect finishing touch.

10. Metallic nails

Nail Designs With Jewels

This unique, metallic pattern is sure to earn its fair share of compliments with its unconventional shine. A single accent nail is seen flaunting large diamonds, drawing just the right amount of attention without being over the top.

The source is been taken from @pinterest.

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