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Top 10 Best Places For Shopping In Dubai

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Shopping is everyone’s craze. But shopping best with a cheap amount is not everyone’s snapping task. Looking the places for shopping in Dubai? Dubai is known as the world’s best shopping spot. Shopping in Dubai is one of its attractions.

In case¬†you’ve got¬†the money¬†to burn,¬†at that point¬†head to any of the¬†monster¬†and opulent shopping malls for the¬†extreme¬†encounter¬†in¬†extravagance¬†shopping.¬†On the off chance that you’re¬†searching for¬†a¬†great¬†deal,¬†at that point¬†investigate¬†Dubai‚Äôs¬†popular souks and wrangle¬†your way¬†to urge¬†the most excellent¬†buy¬†at the¬†most reduced¬†cost.

Top 10 Best Places For Shopping In Dubai

Here are the top 10 best places for shopping in Dubai, both at malls and those markets from which you can shop with bargaining.

1. Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the world’s biggest mall. It is located near Burj Khalifa. Here you can find different products at different prices. If your wallet doesn’t agree with high fashion products, you can go to the fashion avenue. Along with the best shopping, it also has many other entertainments.

Best Shopping Places In Dubai

It has 1200 luxury and premium brand stores, an Underwater Zoo, Dubai Aquarium, Ice rink, Reel Cinema, Theme park, Dubai fountains, and numerous restaurants. Major attractions for chocolate and candy lovers are also available here at their stores. Whether you’re in for a honeymoon in Dubai, or to explore it with your family, this one is unmissable.

2. Wafi Mall

This mall doesn’t only satisfy your shopping cravings but also fills your eyes with artistic views with the artwork of its building. Wafi Mall has its own local market located at the basement. It has 150 shops which are selling many items like handicrafts and decor from the Arab region.

Best Shopping Places In Dubai

It has a pyramid shaped facade structure, a huge collection of artwork, and an Egyptian theme throughout the area. The mall has almost 350 stores of apparel, crafts, decor, and accessories. The major attraction is Cleopatra’s Spa.

3. Mall of the Emirates

It is the world’s first shopping resort. When you listen to the word resort, it automatically brings some images of vacations, fun, and relaxation to your mind. Mall of Emirates wants to entertain their shoppers not only with shopping but also with fun and relaxation. This is how they keep it in mind when they built it.

It consists of 475 stores of fashion, lifestyles, sports, electronics, home decor, kid’s play zone, and a multiplex cinema. Don’t miss to shop from here.

4. The outlet village

If you want to shop at a bargain this is the best place to try. This is a place where you’ll find great deals on branded products. In this Italian themed Dubai shopping area, you’ll find all the major brands here like Galleries Lafayette, Carolina Herrera, DKNY, Coach, Michael Kors, Roberto Cavalli, Hugo Boss, Rodeo Drive, and Nike, etc.


Bags are available here on heavy discounts and you could pick up branded bags at a 50% discount. Party dresses from the last season are available here at minimum prices and you could get trainers too at heavily discounted prices.

5. Ibn Battuta Mall

It is located on Sheikh Zayed Road. As its name says, it has been designed in honor of the Arabian explorer Ibn Battuta. It is also one of the biggest shopping centers in Dubai. This mall is divided into six sections ‚ÄĒ India, China, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, and Andalusia and has close to 275 shops. These sections are representing those regions through which Battuta traveled and exhibits things of these places.

6. Deira Gold Souk

Gold? The Deira Gold Souk has over 300 retailers that offer 10 tons of gold at any given time. Even if you are not thinking to purchase some gold, a little tour in the mall will fill your mouth with water by looking at gold pieces on display. There are other shopping places that offer gold but the best bargains can only be found at the Deira Gold Souk.

As a useful tip, begin bargaining at 50% off and deal your way around until you get a great cost that you are willing to pay for. A few sellers are willing to donate as much as a 30% markdown! The more you purchase, the higher chance you have got of getting a great cost cut. There is no superior way to appreciate a true Middle easterner showcase experience than a visit to the Deira Gold Souk. Here, one can take within the hustle and flurry of conventional marketplaces with all the astonishing show of gold and valuable stones in the midst of a cacophony of music and seller calls.

7. Karama

It is one of the best shopping places in Dubai if you want to shop at the bargain. Price tags that read AED 1000 in the malls of Dubai suddenly come down to AED 50 – 70 in Karama which gets even lower after bargaining. There are plenty of shops on the streets of Karama that offer handbags, shoes, watches, clothing, and souvenirs at a very low price. There are rumors about the clearance of the products sold here, but this gives way to a lot of bargaining potential as prices are not fixed. This place is a heaven for you if you’re good at haggling. Al Karama is just a 20-minute cab ride away from the main city.

8. Dragon Mart

This can be¬†a¬†place¬†where you get the cheapest¬†products whether its¬†dress, footwear, or extras. Everything in this¬†giant¬†shopping center¬†is made and imported from China. You¬†ought to¬†doubtlessly¬†incline toward¬†to check the quality of¬†items¬†sometime recently¬†acquiring¬†them.¬†This can be an¬†enormous¬†shopping center¬†and it takes one time to¬†discover¬†the¬†culminate¬†Dubai shopping spot. The¬†shop¬†itself¬†incorporates an¬†extraordinary¬†assortment¬†of brand outlets like H&M and Mata. Dragon¬†Mart¬†is the¬†encapsulation¬†of cheap shopping in Dubai¬†particularly¬†when it’s all found in one¬†huge¬†shopping center¬†having everything¬†you may¬†conceivably¬†envision!

9. Dubai Outlet Mall

It is such a famous Mall in Dubai where you can buy branded fashion-wear at cheap prices. It receives stocks of last season from various brands like Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdale’s, and Boutique 1. You would find various designs from Stella McCartney, Givenchy, Adidas, Tods, and Wrangler on their end-of-season-sale. It just not only has products of clothing and footwear. Dubai Outlet Mall also features a decent collection of interior home decor products.

10. Meena Bazar

Meena Bazaar in Dubai is a local market. The market area is famous for jewelry and wedding jewelry, watches, textiles, furniture and accessories, and spices from India.

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