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Top 6 best places to visit in the Philippines

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Looking for the best places to visit in the Philippines? The Philippines is now a day becoming the most favorite place to travel of any kind of age. Simply, you can say that it is the hottest topic to discuss for travelling. Top places to visit in the Philippines are best due to its magnificent water and many other things of attraction. All these things attract tourists from the globe to travel to the Philippines.

The Philippines is one of the most beautiful place on the planet and it is famous for waterfall. Philippines is full of waterfalls points. The Philippines gloats an outlandish natural lavishness that is unparalleled. There’s essentially an action for each traveler, from whale observing to sunbathing on the shorelines to climbing up volcanoes to scuba diving with rare marine creatures. Whether you are curious about flawless shorelines, awe-inspiring rainforest-covered mountains, or excellent sunny shorelines, the Philippines has it all.

6 Best places to visit in the Philippines

The Philippines is made up of 7000 islands. If you are worried that which place you should visit in this grand place, don’t worry. Here is the list of the top 6 best places to visit in the Philippines.

1. Siargao

The famous spot Siargao is one of the best places to visit in the Philippines and a surfing spot on the planet. Water spot lovers must visit this tear shape island for having magnificent and breathtaking views. Cloud 9 is around 3 miles from General Luna and it is the surfing hot spot of Siargao.

best places to visit in the Philippines

There is a long extend of white sandy shorelines between Common Luna and Cloud 9 bordering clear turquoise oceans that will leave you completely gobsmacked. There are many other attractions too, to explore. For example, Sohoton Caves, coral reefs, and a mangrove wetland.

The Philippine Trench, on the Pacific-facing side of the island, has some of the deepest water in the world. There is no disturbance in the propagation of waves and the waves propagate until it reaches the rock and coral reefs. If you want to test out your surfing skills, from August till November is an exceptional time to go there.

2. Bohol

Bohol is famous for its best-known chocolate hills. Are you wondering to read that strange word chocolate hill? Chocolate hills are basically not made of chocolates, but they are known because of their chocolate brown color. There are hundreds of large brown hills covering the landscape in all directions.

best places to visit in the Philippines

There are also chances to see dolphins, swim in cave pools, have lunch sailing down Loboc River and, even swim with sardines. The Loboc River is also very impressive place to travel.

In Dimiao, you will discover a number of incredible waterfalls. Ingkumhan Falls is the famous one. There are small sheltered pools to swim in, as well as a really fun rope swing. Because of all these attractions, this place is one of the best places to visit in the Philippines.

3. Kalanggaman Island, Leyte

The flawless white sand island, Kalanggaman Island is the place with which you may fall in love with. It is located in a secured marine asylum, the island is popular for its fine white sand bar that extends from both sides of the island. The turquoise precious stone clear water encompassing the island is ordinarily calm, making for an unwinding time at the shoreline.

best places to visit in the Philippines

Being a sanctuary, the island is uninhabited, and, so, is effectively able to preserve its characteristic magnificence. In a nation favored with spectacular islands and beaches, Kalanggaman Island and its shorelines do stand out as one of the best places to visit in the Philippines.

4. Siquijor Island

Not just one of the best places to visit in the Philippines, Siquijor is an island area full of riddle and interest. Also, it is quickly getting to be one of the foremost popular traveler goals within the country.

best places to visit in the Philippines

This minor island, found a brief watercraft ride from Dumaguete, is as it were 330 square kilometers in measure and as it took around two hours to casually ride around on a motorbike. It is such a chilled output with exceptionally neighborly locals and a captivating history covered in fables that have been established in divination and witchcraft.

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Rope swinging at Cambugahay Falls is the best thing you can try here. Rope swinging is the main reason that this island is listed as one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. There are several levels of falls, but the main level at the bottom is where all the cool rope swings are located. Here you can relax and enjoy the sunny beaches too.

5. Coron

It is the place of many beautiful snorkeling spots and lakes, with nearby Kayangan Lake. Also, supposed to be the clearest and cleanest of any lake in the world. The most famous and interesting things you can do here, are

  1. Staying on board Pawlyn Houseboats
  2. Snorkeling over pristine reefs
  3. Kayaking to the hidden beach

best places to visit in the Philippines

In Pawlyn Houseboats, you can elude the masses and remain in a disconnected, paradise-like inlet complete along with your private snorkeling, paddle boarding and, kayaking  openings.

6. Romblon

Romblon Island is progressively pulling in more neighborhood and worldwide visitors. It is famous for its remarkable excellence and energizing visitor fascination spots. The island has it all. For shoreline darlings, there are Bonbon, Tiamban, Titanic Shoreline, Talipasak, and San Pedro Shorelines.

best places to visit in the Philippines

There are moreover¬†notorious¬†points of interest¬†to¬†investigate,¬†counting¬†Fort San Andres, Saint¬†Joseph Cathedral, and the¬†Lighthouse¬†Perspective. For nature¬†partners, you’ll investigate¬†the Cobrador Island¬†sea¬†turtle¬†asylum, the Libtong Falls, and the Kipot¬†River with the¬†slot¬†canyon.

Feel free to go to these places without any hesitation as these are the best places to visit in the Philippines. Just go, and leave behind all your worries. Dive down into the ocean of happiness.

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