Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Egypt

Egypt, a country linking northeast Africa with the Middle East, dates to the time of the pharaohs. This country has one of the longest fascinating histories of any country. Egypt is the home of ancient Pharaohs. Egypt is full of tombs and temples. With vast tracts of desert, superb scuba diving, and the famed Nile River, there’s something for everyone here. There are many Best Places To Visit In Egypt for beach lovers and archaeology fans.

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Egypt

Have a look on the top 10 best places to visit in Egypt. These place are attracting the tourist since a long time as these are full of culture, adventure and relaxation.

1. Pyramids Of Giza

Pyramids of Giza are on of the seven wonders of the Ancient World. The three main pyramids of Giza are an ancient necropolis that were built as tombs for three Egyptian pharaohs – Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. A scattering of satellite pyramids in the area were built as a place to bury their wives and royal family members. These three pyramids are the tombs of ancient pharaohs and are recognizable to everyone all over the world.

Best Places To Visit In Egypt

The pyramids are guarded by the enigmatic Sphinx. It is located on the Giza Plateau. There is another name of the pyramids as “the pyramid of Khufu”. It is 138 meters high. Tourist can come here to have a look or visit through Robber’s Tunnel. It is a gem place for Egypt.

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Nowadays, these megalithic commemorations to dead lords are still as wondrous a locate as they ever were. This place is a must go place for every tourist.

2. Luxor – Valley of kings

The city Luxor is famous as the “world’s largest open air museum” and is one of Egypt’s most popular travel destinations. It is famous for the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, and the Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut. Most of the Luxor attractions are located either on the East Bank or the West Bank of the Nile.

Best Places To Visit In Egypt

Famous ancient kings such as Tutankhamun and Amenhotep were buried here. Although there are about 63 tombs that have been excavated, only a small number is open to tourists.

3. Islamic Cairo

Best Places To Visit In Egypt

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. It is known as Islamic Cairo, as it’s narrow lanes are filled with mosques and Islamic schools. Here, you’ll find the labyrinth shopping souk of Khan el-Khalili. Also, coppersmiths and artisans have their tiny workshops, and stalls of ceramics, textiles, spice, and perfume. Al-Azhar Mosque, Sultan Hassan Mosque and gate of Bab Zuweila are things, that you should not miss to visit. Here visitors can get a close-up view of the treasure of Tutankhamun as well as mummies and other artifacts from Egypt’s ancient past. This city of Egypt is having the huge wealth of history for tourists.

4. Aswan

If you ant to spend a relax vacation in southern part alternative to the Luxor and Cairo, then this destination is going to prove the best one. Aswan is another major city present along the banks of the Nile River.

Best Places To Visit In Egypt

River ferry across to Elephantine Island and strolling the colorful streets of the Nubian villages. Ride a camel to the desert monastery of St. Simeon on the East Bank. Or just drink endless cups of tea on one of the riverboat restaurants, while watching the lateen-sailed feluccas drift past. All these things you can do here in relaxed environment for couple of days. You can visit many historical sites and temples but the best one is simply kicking back and watching the river life go by. It is famous for the breath taking views of the desert dune and the Nile river.

5. Abu Simbel

No matter, Egypt is full of temples but Abu Simple is having its own worth. It is located along the Western banks of the Lake Nasser, the twin temples of Ramesses II and his queen Nefertari, with an interior decorated with wall paintings, were carved right into the mountains. The rock impressions of the king and the queen sitting on their thrones and overlooking the vastness of the Egyptian mountains is an iconic image of ancient Egypt.

Best Places To Visit In Egypt

Justly famous for its megalithic proportions, Abu Simbel is also famous for the incredible feat. He saw the entire temple moved from its original setting — set to disappear under the water because of the Aswan dam — during the 1960s in a massive UNESCO operation that took four years.The temple was relocated because of the rising waters of the lake in the 60s and receives hundreds of visitors every day.

6. Dahshur

Dahshur is a little village in the south of Cairo that’s a relaxed city. Until 1996, it was a restricted military zone.

Best Places To Visit In Egypt

Like Saqqara, Dahshur was portion of the ancient necropolis of Memphis. The same pharaoh behind the building of the Great Pyramid built two more total pyramids in Dahshur. Within the years after, numerous more pharaohs had their own pyramids built here to create a add up to of 11, but none of them seem compete with the initial ones.

7. White Desert

Best Places To Visit In Egypt

White desert? Yes. You can say it another wonder of Egypt, deserts in white color. It is a natural desert. It’s surreally shaped chalk mountains creates the look of snowy wonderland in the center of dry sand. The landscapes are the unique things to watch here. The white boulders and pinnacles have been shaped by wind erosion for several millennia. There is also a national park in which you can have endless fun. You can say it as one of the beautiful place to visit in Egypt.

8. Egyptian Museum

Best Places To Visit In Egypt

Museum is the place that can tell you country’s history very well. You can say that Egyptian museum is a gem chunk of Pharaonic world. Cairo’s Egyptian Museum is one of the world’s great museum collections. It is containing too much stuff to exhibit. Golden glory of King Tutankhamen and the fascinating royal mummies exhibits here.

9. Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis is the travel destination whose rating is increasing day by day. It is fully surrounding by date palm plantations and numerous fresh water springs. This desert is one of the Western Desert’s most pretty spots. Visitors come here to enjoy the springs, and to exploring. Bubbling springs are in abundance here. One of the most popular is a stone pool famous as Cleopatra’s Bath. There are also cafes for the relaxation. People love to take tea by sitting here and smoking hookah.

Best Places To Visit In Egypt

A trip to the neighborhood commercial center gives guests the opportunity to investigate the city’s one of a kind culture and to test dates and olives developed within the locale.

10. Alexandria

Best Places To Visit In Egypt

Alexandria is famous for it’s unique history dictionary that we can’t find from other cities of Egypt. It is founded by Alexander and named by his name “Alexandria”. This city has become one of the best places to visit in Egypt. As; this city is free of all hustle and dust, visitors love to go there. It’s streets are full of cafes lane where anyone can have sip of tea for relaxation. The Pompey pillar square is a great place to hang out.

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